1. Return Policy

We are very confident that every piece that leaves our production house will be of the very finest quality and should truly represent what you bought on the Internet in the best possible way. Should this, however, not be the case and your order turns out different to what you expected you are welcome to return the piece within 14 days. Please, when returning the piece, use all of the original packaging and protective materials. Should there be any damage caused to the pieces (scratches, spots, cracks, etc.) during their shipping back to us as a result of inadequate packaging, you will be required to provide compensation of equivalent worth. The return option is limited to 2 pieces of art per year per customer. Please contact us through our contact form in order to communicate this. If we deliver the wrong product to you, we will cover shipping and insurance. In any other instance, the customer will assume these costs. For return address and further information on shipping a piece back to the Literoom Ltd., please contact us at:  info@theliteroom.com Should the product get lost while being shipped back, The Literoom will not be able to cover any costs. For this reason, we recommend using a “logistical partner” with the track & trace option.

2. Order

Following your order, we will send you an e-mail confirming the details of your order. Your order will then be processed. Once we know we can fulfill your order, we will send you a confirmation that your piece will be dispatched by us within 72 hours. Should we not be able to fulfill your order, we will contact you and try to establish if there’s any other way we can be of assistance. All orders will be produced and shipped from Lucerne, Switzerland. We will ensure that each delivery is protected against the wear and tear you’d normally expect a package to endure on short and long journeys. However, we urge all customers to inspect the delivered packed before signing the acceptance note from the shipping company. For any damage to the goods detected after signing the shipper’s receipt the customer has 3 days to make a detailed report of the damage. Should you neglect to report damage after the period of 3 calendar days of receipt, you will lose any right to return and/or exchange the purchased item.

3. Privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and the information you provide us will only be used to process your order and there will be no onward distribution of this information, with the exception of such information as is required to be provided to payment services providers to facilitate transactions.

4. Copyright

Whilst the intellectual property rights over the artwork remain with the artist, the Literoom has been granted exclusive and absolute reproduction and usage rights. Copies may only be made with the written agreement of the Literoom Ltd.

5. Care / Guarantee

Due to the delicate nature of prints and pieces of art, the Literoom Ltd cannot guarantee against the fading of colours, scratches, spots, cracks and further damage. We would therefore like to urge all of our customers to take care of their products. There are limits to how long printed matter will last. There are, however, ways to ensure that the piece you bought will last as long as possible: Avoid touching the print at all times – especially with fingers or sharp objects. We suggest using protective gloves when moving the object. Please avoid hanging your art in such places as the bathroom, kitchen, cellar and outdoors to maximize the life of your piece of art.

6. Shipping

Packaging is included in the price of each piece of art. You will have two shipping options if you purchase a piece of art. You can choose between an “urgent service” and “priority service”. The difference between the two is the price and speed of service. The urgent service will be sent with a track & trace number. The priority service will not. Both services are insured up to CHF 1000.– and will only be handed over by the shipping company against a signature, which acknowledges the receipt of your package. Please make sure your shipping address is correct and that you choose a location you will most likely be available at. Most businesses do not mind if you have a package sent to your office.

7. Authenticity

Each piece is individually numbered and signed by the artist.

8. Taxation

For delivery within Switzerland the standard rate of VAT applies and will be included in the purchase price. For elsewhere, local taxes and duties will be applied locally at the point of entry and responsibility for customers and any other border clearance is with the purchaser. If you are unsure of rates, please contact your customs office for further information.

9. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

Place of jurisdiction: Basel, Switzerland. Applicable law: Swiss law.