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Well a very happy New Year to one and all. Welcome back to the Literoom. Thanks for popping by. 

It's been a little quiet lately due to.. well, life. But we still have all of these wonderful artists from all across the planet just waiting to be hung on your walls and are still available for questions. 


Let us know what you're thinking. We love you. 

The Literoom


Hello! We'll be presenting the Literoom to a room full of peeps tomorrow at a SICTIC event in Zürich - not sure exactly who and how - but if you're in town and are interested, I'm sure we can find a way to make it possible. 


RUSSELL BRUNS. This young man has been on our radar for almost exactly 12 months. Ever since we saw his large scale photography on show at the AVA Gallery in Cape Town we knew we had to collaborate. So here we are - 1 year older and maybe a little bit wiser... and it's actually happening. We absolutely adore his work and absolutely hope you will too. Welcome to The Literoom Russell. 


Russell Bruns (1987) is a South African artist based in London. Bruns completed his MFA (distinction) at Rhodes University in 2015. Bruns's work has been exhibited in South Africa, China, Austria and the United Kingdom. In 2013 Bruns’s body of work entitled New Dorp City was published in Versal: The Amsterdam Literary  and  Arts  Journal. In addition, Bruns was one of ten finalists in the Sony World Photography Student Focus Awards 2014.